A gift, for the children

A present for the kids

  • The problem with learning curves is the curve.
    …a s we grow older, learning flattens out.
  • The problem with our world, is accelerating change.
    … at some point our speed of learning may get overtaken by our speed of change
  • The problem with me is that I would like to offer all of my knowledge into a smart pill, and offer it as a gift to my children.
    … if I just knew howto accomplish this

Most of all, I would like them to be able to save precious time, have them benefit from (or discard) our life experience so they could cope in this ever accelerating, changing world.

Today’s answers are insufficient for tomorrow’s problems.

Alas, that pill does not exist.
And I don’t  know if we can afford to wait for such a pill.
I am not even sure that, if such a pill existed,
it would make a big difference…

Today’s answers are insufficient for tomorrow’s problems.

What we could do is this:

  1. figure out a way to use facts, data and information at hand
  2. learn to look past obvious KPI’s
  3. use the metrics that (really) matter

The Analytical community has great skill. We know how facts and figures work, we even know how they can relate. We know how to peel the next layer of the onion. With each new layer comes new insight. Each layer helps us inderstand the previous one, offering clues for the next level.

However, we suck at passing on this learning.

I believe that if we could learn to look a little further, dig just a little bit deeper – then pass on this knowledge to the world, others will be able to come up with better idea’s for tomorrow’s problems.

Which could be our most precious gift to our children.

(*) if  you would like to find out a bit more about the learning gap, chek-out this unbelievably strong TED talk by Eddie Obeng. He argues that the speed of change has already overtaken our speed of learning. Mr. Obeng certainly makes a compelling case …