Watch drone flyers compete in a Star Wars–style race in a French forest

Ok, my geek factor overtook me here – Star Wars style drone racing in a forrest is bringing back fond #StarWars memories – use the #force luke


Dozens of drone owners conducted a three lap circuit through trees last month in what organizers, who compared the event to the pod race in Star Wars Episode I, hope will spawn similar contests around the world.

Herve Pellarin, president of the Airgonay drone club in the French Alps, posted a video to YouTube that shows dozens of lightweight drones taking off and zipping around a forest at speeds of up to 40 miles an hour, while dodging trees and other drones.

Drone race

The video, which you can see for yourself below, shows the drones taking off and racing around the course, as well as the various competitors who steer the devices by means of on-drone cameras and “First Person View” goggles.

According to Pellarin, the race produced a few broken propellers but no major damage to the drones, which are even lighter than popular consumer model like the 2.2 pound Phantom 2. He predicts that drones…

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