Microsoft announces 18,000 layoffs, but more people than ever will be working for Microsoft

The most interesting part will be to find out in what area’s they will lay off and where Microsoft will choose to invest further. Although it strikes me as amazing with what easy Big IT companies like HP or MS choose to lay off 100.000 or more years of combined experience, know-how and drive. Sounds like MS Excel based management to me. #eatyourowndogfood?

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new-microsoft-logo2Microsoft announces 18,000 layoffs. What does this mean? That less people will be working at Microsoft.

Still, I’m convinced more people than ever will continue working for Microsoft.

What Microoft is just doing here (and has been doing for some time now) is reorganising itself into a 21st century company by getting leaner and outsourcing more and more processes to outside partners. This includes marketing processes, but just as well Partner support and even specific product developments.

Microsoft becoming a leaner, smarter IT-company. That’s what gives me full confidence they are on the right track!

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