Sustainable collaboration

As you are growing – collaboration becomes more inportant. Personnally, I used to think collaboration would always become more difficult with growth. Some say that lack of collaboration may be the most important ‘growing pain‘. Thinking about Business Awareness, I needed to examine sustainable growth and sustainable collaboration.

Lack of collaboration is costly, solving collaboration issues by implementing procedures, systems/tools often adds to the problem.

To support sustainable growth, you need sustained collaboration. Hence, if you can think of a mindset which scales collaboration as we grow, we should be fine.

So, to me the answer is simple: if every person in your organisation agrees to apply two rules, we may be well equipped to scale collaboration:

Rule nr 1:

  • we agree to give help whenever a colleague is asking,

Rule nr 2:

  • we agree to ask for help when we need it,

That’s it.

Think about how you could support this approach within your organisation, which tools and methods might help you enhance the process.
As a result, you will be able to scale collaboration far beyond boundaries.

And should you decide to measure and follow up on this as a key process, this will be another way to achieve Business Awareness.
(Measuring on your capability to reach out, instead of Managing based on traditional introverted KPI’s)

I believe you will be able to collaborate a long way,
with many colleagues to come.