Unlimited budget versus Free

Imagine you’d have an unlimited budget. You’d be able to realize all your projects, investments, increase pay, augment service, be generous and relax. I know, nothing ever comes free – but just imagine having won the Zillionaire lottery. You’d probably have to spend some time in figuring out what to do first.

What if your suppliers and employees would decide to do everything for free? Even though the result is the same as working with unlimited budgets, it certainly feels different. As long as stuff comes in freely (or open sourcely), the main concern will be: what to do with it?

We tend to frown on free and welcome bigger budget, which does not make any sense at all. At the end of the day, wether you save a dollar on cost or make a extra one on margin, the result will be the same.

Having unlimited budget and getting stuff free is not a sustainable proposition.
Everything will have a cost and budget will always be a constraint.

Whatever your budget, however small or big, Business Awareness will always come down to making choices.