Analysis Paralysis – 80% rule of Business Intelligence

‘Where do we start?’

Trying to overthink all vectors, wondering about ALL the steps you will need to take

Analysis is Paralysis
Analysis is Paralysis (Photo credit: Poldavo (Alex))

may set in and hamper the start of your journey towards BI excellence. As every experienced Business Intelligence person knows, it is not about getting it perfect from day one. Due to the very variability of Business, you cannot expect yourself to anticipate everything which might happen down the line. Just get started, be agile, learn from iterations and build you BI proces step by step.

‘What will we need to do after this? How and by when will we get at least 80% of requirements gathered and done?’

Another crippling turn to the analysis paralysis dead end.

A clue: the goal of Business Intelligence is not to produce a system, the goal is to support Business Awareness. To arrive at Business Awareness you just need to figure out purpose:

  • why are we doing this
  • who will be helped
  • when do we start

That, I am sure, will be a firm basis for getting the first step in.

And getting that first step in, is what it takes, most of the time.