Industry Leaders Business Awareness survey

We would like to collect current Business Awareness and Sustainability practices & are keen to receive your insights.

Basically: 30 minutes of your time may inspire others and help make the World a better place.
In exchange, we commit to do all the necessary work to craft your feedback into a shareable document.

The goal of the survey is to collect idea’s & Industry Leading experience. This message is a call to participation, so I really hope you will.

Just so you know, I intend to ask you these three questions, as a basis for our discussion:

  1. What does sustainability mean to your business,
    and why does that matter to you as a business leader

  2. Which initiatives have you deployed, what worked,
    where do you think you can still improve
  3. What would your advice be towards others

Surveys will be conducted over the phone, please use the contact form if you would be willing to participate and share.

Survey rules:

  • All respondents can expect a copy of the Survey results, should they so desire
  • Once finished, the report will also be published here, est. March 2014
  • Anything shared in confidence can remain confidential on your request
  • Should you choose to remain anonymous, we will of course respect this
  • Should you care to be quoted or credited for your idea’s,
    we will do that as well