Business Awareness starts with the team

This week is red tape awareness week – being aware of the red tape which may bethe very thing holding us back from greatness.

Red Tape Awareness Week
Red Tape Awareness Week (Photo credit: BC Gov Photos)

Every project worth doing should take into account People, Planet and Profit. And that of courde is what Business Awareness is about. Same goes for the people involved in the work – to be Business Aware, you need to know why your work is worthwhile.

So – in order to achieve Business Awareness, if you need to start anywhere – start with the team.

Five questions you may want to ask yourself – and them:

  1. What is it we are trying to achieve?
  2. Who will be helped if we achieve this?
  3. What will they be able to do?
  4. How will that make their lives better?
  5. What is keeping us from getting started? And is it really?

After you have answered these questions – cut through the red tape & get rolling!

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