Business Awareness and Human Resources?

The Human Resources Domain seems a really good fit for working out Business Aware themes. First, because it seems to come easy for HR (Human Resources) professionals to focus on indirect profit KPI’s, such as Employee Growth, Employee Engagement, Employee satisfaction and other sustainable KPI’s.

Since sustainability is key to Business Awareness, this seems to be a massive fit.

However, any sustainable goal must cover it’s own Three P’s: people, planet and profit. Here lies the danger & risk. If you’d only focus on people and planet, you’d be depending on charity or eternal sponsorship to make this work. People and Planet is all fine, but if you miss the Profit part, you cannot sustain this in a Business Environment.

FutureWorks - Build for the Future Event
FutureWorks – Build for the Future Event (Photo credit: Carol Browne)

There is no such thing as eternal sponsorship. So, on condition that HR-KPI’s also explicity handle ‘Profit’, they are indeed sure candidates for successful Business Awareness implementations. Business Awareness is key to a sustainable Business Model.