Business Awareness, an introduction

Business Intelligence (Performance management) and Business Analytics (Predicitve Analytics) have gone through the hype cycle and have become things that every company should aim for.

Now Big Data is being thrown at us with high velocity as the next thing we should aim for. It even made top 10 technologies to watch according to Gartner.

None of them have shown consistent, repeatable value and most of them have caused head-ache to its own followings.

This is the problem: all of them focus on the self, on what’s to be gained today, now, for me , for my organisation.

As it is becoming clear to more and more companies that longevity will go hand-in-hand with a sustainable role in society, it is about time that ICT in general and BI especially learned to focus on sustainability.

To quote JFK during his inaugural speech back in 1961 : ask not what the world can mean to your company, ask what your company brings to the world. 

If what we bring to the world is all about our unique selling points,

and our BI/BA/BgDt is about what numbers can help us achieve, how can you then expect to measure and maintain a sustainable participation to society?

I introduce to you ‘Business Awareness’ – a set of guidelines to help support sustainable enterprise.